Individual Christmas Designs are beautiful displays of lighted art than can be part of a grouping or stand alone.


Bell Ringer - $300.00

This Bell is approx. 5' Tall.
As the clapper appears to swing from side to side, you might even think you hear it ringing!



Animated SnowMan 350.00 Ea.

This Snow Man tip his hat. 4’ tall and will be a beautful addition to your lawn at Chistmas time




Candy Cane - $200.00

Tied with a pretty green bow, our candy cane will brighten everyone's heart



Chistmas Tree $225.00

This colorful Christmas Tree stands 4' tall multi-colored lights adorn this classic lawn display.


 Lighted Cross -  $200.00

This single cross stands 4’ tall and is the perfect symbol of Christmas


Folding Christmas Tree

This Classic Christmas Tree stands 4 feet tall
It folds flat for easy off-season storage.


Candle W/ Happy Holidays $275.00

This Candle sends it's message bright and clear.
it stands 3 1/2 feet tall and 5 feet wide.




Texas W/ HO HO Y’ALL


Our "signiture" piece stands 4' tall
A festive "Texas" Holiday greeting!




Joy - $400.00

This speaks for itself.
"JOY" stands 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide, and is accented by a little sprig of Holly & Berry




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