Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us or call us at 866 411 2888.

How are your products constructed?

  • Our designs are constructed of steel rods ranging in size from 1/4" to 1/2"round, depending on the size of the item. We attach the lights to the metal frames with 1/2 strapping tape formulated with extra adhesion, so the lights stay attached during shipping and storage. We use High Quality sets of lights set on a 6 inch spacing. We put the lights on one right after the other, taping down the slack in between each light. The process is not hard, but very time consuming.
  • How do I set the displays up in my yard?
    • Our items are designed with stakes on the bottom of the display. You would simply step the stakes into the ground. Items which are tall or top heavy may require extra support such as stakes or guy wiring. You can do this easily with nylon strings and tent stakes. Some displays are hanging items and do not have ground stakes, such as the Bow & Bells.
  • Why do my lights not work when it is raining?
    • In most areas, electrical codes require all outside outlets to be GFI. This is a safety feature to keep one from being electrocuted. When it rains heavily it will flip the breaker. It is not the fault of the decorations, and no matter what you plug into the breaker, it will not work if it is raining.
  • Can I choose my own colors?
    • You can choose your colors until October 1st. After then you may request certain colors and we will do our best to fill the order. Otherwise it will be sent as pictured.
  • Do you make custom designs?
    • Yes. We can make just about anything. We require a picture or drawing and dimensions of the item you are wanting. We then can give an estimate on the design. Our custom cut-off date is September 1st of every year. So be sure to order early!
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    • Yes. We use airfreight to ship overseas. We ship items to your closest customs airport. Transportation from the airport is the responsibility of the customer. Costs vary depending mainly on how many items are ordered. It can be costly. Also keep in mind that in the United states our lights are not 220 volt so a voltage reducer would have to be used in most other countries. We do not carry voltage reducers.
  • How can I get a catalog?
    • Our website is our best catalog. We can update the website much easier than a paper catalog. We will however mail a paper catalog to anyone in the United States. You can go to request a catalog and fill out the form. We will gladly send you a catalog.
  • Are your displays for Outdoor Use?
    • Our displays are Outdoor Displays. Our lights are High Quality outdoor lights. They are made to resist the elements.
  • What kind of replacement bulbs should we use?
    • As with all miniature lights, use the brand of replacements that goes with the set. DIFFERENT BRANDS DO NOT INTERCHANGE. Using a misfit bulb is a large cause of light set failure. We carry replacement bulbs for our products all year.
  • Why are your miniature lights better than the ones we buy in a department store?
    • We use only the highest quality lights available. It benefits us as well as the repeat customers. Unlike most lights bought in department stores, our lights have a high quality, thick wiring with extra uv protection for outdoor use. Our bulbs are triple coated for extra long color life. Our sockets feature a one of a kind lock cap and twist proof bulb to prevent small wires on ends of the bulbs from losing connection from it's socket. Poor socket-bulb fit is the cause of light set failure 99% of the time. Our lights have 3000hr/3 year life.
  • How do I calculate amps needed to pull my decorations?
    • This calculation is a very close speculation
      C-7, 5watt bulbs
      25 bulbs = 1.135 Amps
      50 bulbs = 2.270 Amps
      100 bulbs = 4.545 Amps
      Mini lights 2.5v 300 bulbs = 1 Amp
  • Do you ever give discounts?
    • We are a factory outlet which has very little markup on the products. It usually takes us all year to get ready for the Christmas Season ahead. We do however offer a discount on orders placed from January 1st until June 30 of every year. We do not have any other discounts at any other times of the year.
  • Can I purchase Frame only products?
    • At this time Frame only is not available online. You can contact us at 1-888-453-0599 to purchase frames. Frame only option is for the truly crafty. It is a time consuming process , and although we can give you general lighting instructions with your order , we cannot be much help with lighting over

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