The Santa Selections are lighted art Santa figures in very traditional, original, and very contemporary modes of travel.

Dog chasing Santa $350.00

Guaranteed to bring smiles,
our Dog chasing Santa stands 9 feet tall!


Waving Santa $350.00

Alternating lights make this 5' Santa "Wave" to passersby.



Santa & Watercraft WaterSking Rudolph $600.00

Approx. 4' X 7'

This Santa has a new way to travel
and he's taking Rudolph for a ride!





Santa on Mustang $300.00

Approx. 4' X 4 1/2'

Looking for something different?
This Santa rides the Range on his Mustang.




Santa Sleigh and 2 Reindeer $500.00

Approx. 4' X 8'

Nothing is more Traditional than Reindeer pulling Santa in his sleigh, this timeless classic will delight both young and old.





Santa On Tractor with Reindeer $500.00

Approx. 4' X 8'

Santa on a tractor is pulling a wagon giving Rudolf a ride




Santa Covered Wagon with one Mule $700.00

Approx. 4' X 12'

Santa in his covered wagon, is pulled along by a mule.
The mule appears to be walking, and wagon wheels appear to
turn, by the use of blinking and alternating lights.




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